[8/12/2015] Social Entrepreneurship and Living a Life of Purpose and Value

Gopi Nair started his career with the prestigious Taj group of Hotels in India, as a management trainee and rose up the ladder pretty quick. He went on to open two highly successful restaurants in Chennai India before leaving a flourishing culinary career to pursue his MBA. Gopi has a degree in culinary science & hospitality and an MBA in entrepreneurship.

After working in retail in New York for a year, the romance of food & beverage service and the lure of contributing to the community brought him back to restaurant world. He worked in a successful fine dining Indian restaurant chain as a managing partner in Fairfield County before he founded ‘TIKKA WAY GRILL’ two years ago with a simple purpose. There has to be a better way … and that he will not wait for someone else to do it.


Having worked in restaurant industry for two decades, he realized that there was so much to be done in the community and he had to walk his talk and do the most with what he knows to make a difference. He decided to quit his comfortable life and embark on a journey of providing healthy, fresh, flavorful Indian food to everybody. He took it upon himself to bring the complicated Indian cuisine to the main stream in a very approachable and simple setting. He was very fortunate to have great friends. They jumped in immediately to help as partners: Kamal with Marketing, Pramod as the chef and Rohan in operations and finance.


Tikkaway has been hailed by the people who live and work in New Haven, from neighboring towns and nearby states for being true to the cuisine and providing great value to the students, professionals and families alike.

Gopi lives with his wonderful wife Deepa, 7 yrs old son Arjun and 4 years old daughter – Deeya


I met Gopi a few months ago while eating in his restaurant and we had such a kindred spirit and love for health and wellness I felt like we had already been friends.  Then he solidified my friendship with these words “I am a heath advocate…I just happen to own a restaurant”.  He is an inspiration for using your passion for helping others to create a life and career that you can not only enjoy but also be proud of.


You can visit Tikki Away Grill in New Haven Ct at one of their two locations

135 Orange Street, New Haven, CT 06510 | T (203) 562 1299 | F (203) 562 1287 | E 135Orange@tikkawaygrill.com


2 Howe Street, New Haven, CT 06511 | T (203) 624 1299 | F (203) 624 1297 | E 2Howe@tikkawaygrill.com


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