FITSCRIPT with Charlie O’Connell

On today’s show, the owner, founder and CEO of FitScript Charlie O’Connell joined us to speak about FitScript, fitness and diabetics. Charlie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1996. “Frustration from lack of support with diabetes was the reason for the creation of FITSCRIPT” said O’Connell. In September 2013, Charlie founded and developed FITSCRIPT.COM to help diabetics with the three goals in mind exercise guidance, support and training. In the fall of 2013, Charlie then founded and opened FITSCRIPTS Diabetes Training Center in New Haven, Connecticut. There are multiple types of diabetes, the most common known types are diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. “All types of diabetes are elevated or high blood sugar levels” said O’Connell. Throughout Connecticut there are multiple gym facilities, but what FITSCRIPT does is target diabetics needs, where other gyms may not. “Many gyms want people to start out at a high intensity, which is not what diabetics should be doing” said O’Connell. FITSCRIPT now has a new YouTube page and app called Glucose Zone.

Learn more about FITSCRIPT and Charlie O’Connell at: FITSCRIPT

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