Muslim Cool

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer is African-American and Latino professor and a Muslim and a scholar artist and activist who uses anthropology and performance to explore the intersections between the race and popular culture. Leads digital humanities project and author of newly released book Muslim Cool. “the book is groundbreaking” said Mubarakah. “I think this community has amazing critique and really important contribution to the question of how do we respond to inequality” said Su’ad. Also, “Black people have been global, and we think of it as local and we need to recognize how global we are and how much power we have” said Su’ad. The new book Muslim Cool is a term to describe a way of thinking and being Muslim in the United States that engages blackness, through hip-hop that counters blackness.” Muslim Cool really challenges the idea of showing how central blackness is” said Su’ad. Muslim Cool also, makes Muslim’s look outside of the stereotypes that have been placed upon them. “Society makes you choose between one or the other, being Muslim or black” said Mubarakah. Su’ad worked with young Muslims from the non-profit group Inner City Muslim Action Network located in Chicago. They focused on art and specifically hip-hop, which Su’ad was interested in. This visit helped add to the book, where a young woman in the book is deciding between what type of hijab to wear to fit in with hip-hop culture. Another chapter of the book, focuses on how black men were having a difficult time with their dress and what to wear to fit in. One example of this would be the men wearing three piece suits to challenge the stereotype of black men being thugs. Muslim Cool can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and multiple others.

For more information contact Su’ad here: Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

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