Understanding PCOS with Dr. Pal

Polycystic ovary system, weight gain and obesity and weight excess. “Women are getting easily labeled by a label, they may not deserve”.  PCOS are when ovaries are full of tiny particles, classic description is when young girls start their period earlier in life between the ages 8,9, 10 also heavier set women are more at risk and affects 1/3 of thin women. Dr. Pow stated that having irregular periods are normal, but a symptom that should be looked at by a doctor is when your period is 35 days or more. Some other symptoms include reproductive problems, excessive bleeding and the lining of the uterus can become damaged. PCOS is an earned label” said Dr. Pal. Some symptoms you may experience are you may have irregular period, cycle longer than 35 days, excessive acne (facial, upper back), excessive facial hair growth and hair loss, appearance of ovaries in exam. “I think women as a population are becoming more and more and the caregiver is giving labels” “Clinicians feel obliged to give a label”. Today, 15% of girls will be diagnosed research results have not changed in years, becoming more researched Vitamin D deficiency can also play a role, dark skin women, lower climate, covered and overweight, “take vitamin D with highest fat meal, 25-30, 30 is the best number” said Dr. Pal


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